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I just wanted to write and let you know how wonderful this project is. I will keep Supporting this project and keep looking for any developments and updates about this.I hope to see the outcome of this project on the near future.Keep up the good work guys

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Yes Bro, I'm 100% totally agree with your opinions.
LH_Coin Devs and Team came from well-known Company which they're already had experience and products in this field before they get into Crypto Space.
For me,they is truly makes an awesome and brilliant initiative to spreading awareness of cryptocurrency to worldwide citizens. Gratz👍🚀 to all LH_Coin Team. 😎

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Try LH-Crypto Beta Version
This project is based on an existing Forex broker (in the market since 2004). The startup is designed to transfer the existing business model into the crypto environment. According to the Roadmap, the current technological practices and equipment will serve as a base for the broker’s new separate division, where all the operations with traders’ accounts will be processed in cryptocurrencies only.

The new division will be called LH-CRYPTO, it will be distinct from the main brand legally and financially.
#LHCoin will be used as margin requirement for trading on Forex, CFDs and crypto markets. Also, it will be used as agent’s commission for LH-Crypto partners.

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