LH-Crypto became "The best broker to work with cryptocurrencies"

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The seventh annual voting on the website of the IAFT Awards was completed, where LH-Crytpo brand won in the nomination "The best broker for working with cryptocurrencies".

Traditionally, this year the IAFT Awards brought together more than 200 companies in 23 different categories that provide their services in different segments of the financial market - Forex and Stock brokers, binary companies, portals and magazines for traders, as well as representatives of the cryptocurrency market. Everyone could take part in the voting and express their opinion on the services of brokerage companies, giving their vote for the best of them, on the website of the award.

The voting lasted for a month and a list of the most popular companies in the financial market in 2018 was formed. We are proud that LH-Crypto broker was recognized as one of the best!

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