The best and most reliable bitcoin brokers on Forex

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The world of cryptocurrencies, having successfully conquered the area of over-the-counter transactions and investments, also began to successfully master the world of online trade. More and more Forex brokers have started to introduce bitcoin as a tradable asset in their platforms. On the Internet, users, in turn, increasingly began to look for information about brokers who have now made available online trading with the participation of cryptocurrencies.

The best and most reliable bitcoin Forex brokers
In order to convey useful information to readers, first let's give a brief historical reference about Bitcoin (BTC).
Bitcoin is essentially an electronic currency, fully decentralized, anonymous and safe to store and move. Digital currency bitcoin has become the basis for the monetary network independent from the States and politics. This currency network does not have a single center (decentralized). Each user of the cryptocurrency network is the regulatory body for everyone and everything. Its main quality — the complete absence of any center and intermediaries. Cryptocurrency network in fact there is a General accounting — blockchain (Blockchain). It stores records of any transaction that has ever passed through it indefinitely. Blockchain is able to prove the reality of each transaction at any time. Each entry in the information blocks in this chain contains unique digital signatures that cannot be forged or copied.
In the future, in this article we will try to give the best answer about how to buy bitcoin online and how to trade bitcoin via the Internet. And also here is a list of the most preferred Forex brokers to trade bitcoins.
Buy bitcoin on Forex: pros and cons
Historically, Forex has acquired a new dimension. The Forex bitcoin account has become a reality for many companies and the BTC/USD currency pair has become available for their clients. Those intending to speculate on bitcoin Forex should know that this asset is the largest and highly liquid pair in the world. Moreover, bitcoin trading is carried out around the clock and seven days a week all over the planet.
Here are some tips for those who are going to invest in bitcoin on Forex.
First of all, you need to follow the hot news on the air, bitcoin on Forex is strongly influenced by the news. They tend to have a longer effect than, for example, the non-agricultural sector report of America. Let's say the largest Fund has invested a huge amount in bitcoins, and enjoy the wonderful bull market. In case of hacking any major crypto-exchange, it will be reasonable to work on sales.
You can trade bitcoin on Forex using Moving Average indicator (moving averages). Due to the high spread on the asset, it does not make sense to use scalping, it is recommended to trade only on high timeframes. You can buy bitcoin on Forex at any time, as the asset is not dependent on the trading session on Forex. You should also know that bitcoin is relatively free from rough speculation, so you can not be afraid of the maneuvers of market makers.
What else should you know to earn bitcoin on Forex? The simplest technical analysis should be used, do not miss the news and take into account the increased spreads. Also, you should know that bitcoin has no correlation with other assets.

Top 6 most reliable bitcoin brokers on Forex
Now consider the question, which broker is better for bitcoin trading? There are several of them, below the list-ranking will be the best bitcoin brokers that we recommend. Below in the descriptions, bitcoin brokers offer their unique terms and benefits.
Forex Club-the best bitcoin broker in the world
The best broker for bitcoin trading on Forex
Consider what favorable conditions this one of the oldest and most famous brokers offers.
First, ease of registration and start of trading. Buy bitcoin on the exchange through a broker, you can immediately after you open an account. Next, after the first Deposit you will receive up to 100% bonus on your trading account! You just have to choose the instrument and start trading. Ease that access option is available through the web terminal. Next to the page shows the dynamics of bitcoin exchange rate and quotes for major cryptocurrencies online. In General, we can say that the reviews of traders in relation to this broker are very positive.

Amarkets is the best broker for trading and investing in bitcoins
Trading on bitcoin through online broker Markets
The difference between the broker is that it provides an opportunity not only to trade bitcoin, but also represents a ready-made financial portfolio for cryptocurrencies.
The portfolio is a kind of synthesis of the most running cryptocurrencies. It includes Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum — the most promising cryptocurrencies in the world. If you look at the contents of the portfolio, the proportions are as follows:
The Ethereum — 32%
One lot of the portfolio is equal to two contracts for bitcoin, one hundred contracts for litecoin and 20 contracts for Ethereum.
ROBOFOREX - stable bitcoin broker in Russia and the world
Bitcoin trading (trading) through roboforex broker

Consider what favorable conditions this one of the most stable and client — oriented brokers-Roboforex offers.

First, ease of registration and start of trading. Buy bitcoin (BTCUSD instrument) or Ethereum (ETHUSD) on the stock exchange through a broker, you can immediately after your account is opened. Next, after the first Deposit you will receive up to 115% bonus to your trading account! You just have to choose the instrument and start trading. The feature of this broker is that You can start with any minimum amount, but keep in mind that with 10 $ no reason to bother. Minimum of $ 100.
This broker provides leverage for trading cryptocurrencies 1: 10, which means you can make money on the trade, even having a small amount of money.
In General, we can say that the reviews of traders in relation to this broker are very positive.

FXOPEN is a well-known and reliable broker for bitcoin trading
Broker AC OPEN for trading cryptocurrency via the Internet, including bitcoins
If you study the rating of bitcoin brokers, the FXOPEN company will rightfully occupy an honorable place in it. Not just because it is one of the well-known brokers, but also the fact that the broker immediately and one of the first introduced the tool with bitcoin in circulation, as if feeling that for cryptocurrencies is expected a great future.
Specifically, this summer, Alpari Forex broker made bitcoin trading on ECN accounts available in the form of CFDs on bitcoins. The pairs used are bitcoin with Euro and dollar.

STForex-broker with favorable conditions for trading cryptocurrencies
The broker with the best conditions for trading pair BTC/USD
If you look for a reliable bitcoin broker then sooner or later you can opt for this company. The company, keeping pace with the times, also did not pass by the crypt. The peculiarity of the broker is that it offers a long list of assets containing mainly bitcoin, as well as other popular cryptocurrencies. In particular, there you can find such cryptocurrencies as: Darkcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cache and a number of other Altcoins. These assets are found both in pairs with the dollar and the Euro, and in pairs between them. Such a generous set of tools will not leave anyone indifferent!

Forex4you is a well-known broker in the Forex industry
fifth in the rating of brokers-Forex4you
A profitable bitcoin broker that has long been on the market and has earned the trust of traders. It also offers its own unique conditions for trading in the crypto currency.
Trade bitcoin happening in the trading accounts ProSTP and Classic NDD. Direct execution of orders is carried out at the MarketPlace. Let's take a closer look at the trading conditions of this broker, where the traded asset is BTC/USD.
Details of the trading conditions of the pair "Bitcoin vs us dollar»:
The minimum volume for the transaction is 0.01 lots (0.01 bitcoin)
Commission: 2% of the total volume of one contract
Leverage 1:5
Trading hours: 24/5 no breaks
Rollover of positions (swap) at 00:00 UTC

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